Ring Rep Tips - Top Ten List

Want to be the #1 Ring Rep?  Here are 10 Tips to help you succeed!

  1. Find people who already want to buy a class ring and share your link with them.  
  2. When class ring sales guy comes to school, pay attention to who is really excited to get a ring.  Make a list.  Share your link to them.
  3. Be sure people know they are getting a discount when using the link on top of guaranteed low prices. 
  4. Share on all of your social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  You can email the link too.
  5. Make a t-shirt with your link on it for some easy pub.  Or, buy a batch of business cards with your link and pass them out at school.
  6. Get your own ring and wear it!  Nothing does a better job of getting your friends to buy a class ring.  (Once you get your referrals, we'll refund you).
  7. Don't limit yourself to your own school.  With a link to share, the possibilities are endless to who can see and use your ring. 
  8. Find discount forums and websites online and share your link there. 
  9. Get your parents and family on board.  Ask them to share your link to their networks as well. 
  10. Be nice.  We find this helps with ring referrals and life in general.