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Ring Repair

So first, if you didn't know.  When you buy from us, you are getting an Artcarved ring.  They are a division of Commemorative Brands, Inc.  They've been making rings for over 150 years!  They are super cool, and we LOVE their work.  Now to the covered repairs. 

$0 Charge Repairs are:

Any repairs or remakes necessary due to manufacturing errors or defects in quality discovered upon receipt of the ring will be corrected at no charge to the customer. 

Resizing is FREE as long as the new size is within 2 ring sizes of the original ring. For example, a size 10 is sent back to be an 8. This resizing is no charge. If sized up or down more than 2 sizes, an $85 remake fee is required. 

Refinishing (from normal daily wear) Repair encrusting only Cleaning and polishing Change school colors Antiquing touch-up 

Replacement of broken simulated stones (including any special stone features) 

Change engraving Change year date 

Remember, your ArtCarved Class Ring full lifetime warranty is not valid if work performed on the ring outside the factory goees beyond our in-store repair program guidelines. 

$10 Charge Repairs are:

Change simulated stone color 

$15 Charge Repairs are:

Change any special stone feature 

$30 Charge Repairs are:

Remake to different features: Change school name, personal name, activity, mascot 

Replace birthstone with Cubic Zirconia or Diamond (plus current cost of Cubic Zirconia or Diamond) 

Remake of damaged ring to same specifications Remake Siladium® to gold (plus difference between Siladium and gold ring at current non-promotional nets) 

Remake white gold to yellow gold 

Remake yellow gold to white gold 

Remake to new style (plus difference in style cost, if new style is more expensive at current non-promotional nets) 

Remake to different metal (plus difference in price) 

Remove or add antiquing 

Premium Stone Replacement 

Premium stones, diamonds and Cubic Zirconia, if lost or broken, will be replaced at current market value