Before I was at heritage high school! I was being bullied a lot! I told my parents they complained and the school did nothing about it at all! A kid called me the seized one! I’ve been teased about my height the size of my head! When I came to heritage for high school it was a totally different story! I barely got bullied! Some of the names that they called me I’m not going to say it at all! Heritage their very strict with their bullying policy! My friends who play for the Saginaw spirit hockey team watched out for me to make sure that no one picked on me! They did a good job at looking out for me! When you see someone get picked on report it if you don’t you’re just as responsible as the person who is being the bully or the bullies! You can be bullied anywhere besides school! Ellen at the end of the show she says be kind to one another! Always remember people be kind to one another! Don’t pick on them because of their height also the size of their head! I was hurt when I was being bullied! Some of the things that I was thinking about doing I’m not going to say it for privacy reasons! Bullying starts at home most of the time! Never say anything rude about anyone they also would expect the same thing from you as well!

My time at heritage high school

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