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How to Replace Your Lost Class Ring for Free

You’ve lost your class ring.  Well, shoot!!!  Don’t feel bad.  It could happen to anyone, and trust us, you aren’t the first person to misplace a class ring.  But now, the important question is how to you go about replacing it?  We’re here to help you out, and even show you how to get a free class ring.

Step 1: Search High and Low -  Retrace those footsteps.  Can you remember the last time you saw it?  Think Uncle Billy in It's a Wonderful LifeUncle Billy, think!!! (You may have to be over 30 years old to get that reference).  Do you remember taking it off anywhere?  Did you check those couch cushions?  Underneath your car seat?  In the shower?  If you can’t find the ring anywhere, and it is truly lost, then turn to the internet.  There are some websites that are dedicated to helping you find a lost class ring – kind of a virtual lost and found for lonely class rings.  But, it’s kind of a needle in a haystack that you’ll ever see it again.  Occasionally, it happens and a lost ring is recovered, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  So, this leads us to our next step.

Step 2: Use Replacement Coverage - The second step, if you can’t find your ring, is to identify where you bought your class ring from and did you purchase any kind of replacement coverage?  Some of the major companies out there where you might have bought your class ring from are Jostens, Balfour and Herff Jones.

We offer Artcarved class rings (a sister company to Balfour) at our store, and our rings have a replacement agreement called P.A.L.S.  It’s a pretty simple plan.  When you buy your ring, if you pay the $15 or $25 (non-gold or gold ring) up front, then you are covered against lost, stolen or damaged rings.  Not a bad deal for a little peace of mind on the front end, especially if you are one prone to lose things.  There is usually a processing charge that depends on what type of metal your ring was, but it’s going to be much less than the original cost of your ring.  Be sure to look back at when you bought your class ring and see if you have any kind of similar replacement coverage.

Step 3: Create a New Class Ring – Ok, if you can’t find your ring and you don’t have any replacement coverage, than you might have to break down and create a new ring.  If you are unsure of what manufacturer made your ring, you could try to contact your school to see if they had that information.  However, most class rings are going to come out looking very similar in terms of manufacturing.  The big difference between rings has always been the unique personalization you get to add when creating your ring.


Football - Quarterback class ringAt, we offer literally an endless amount of ring creations.  We have plenty of different ring styles to choose from, thousands of side emblem options that help tell your story, and of course, the ability for you to add custom engraving.  If your graduation date was in the past, we offer the ability to add that year to your ring for a small fee.  So, if you need to create a ring from the past, we have you covered.  Whether it’s 2015, 1987, 1974, 1963, 1952, 1944, or any other year, we have you covered. Choose your ring style, metal type, wording around the stone, side designs, custom engraving personalization, stone cut, stone color and several other personal touches for your ring to replace that ring you thought you would never see again.

Step 4: Replace Your Lost Ring for Free – Ok, we promised a free replacement, right?  Right.  We’re serious about this, you can get a free class ring (up to a $200 value) by entering into our Ring Rep Challenge.  Sign up for free.  Get your unique referral link.  Send referrals our way, and you can get a free class ring, $100s in gift cards or even win $10,000.  Not a bad deal, right?

At, we already offer a low price guarantee on our Artcarved rings.  So, if you find a lower price on an Artcarved class rings online, we’ll beat it.  But better than that, you can get a discount off of your ring or even get it for free with the Ring Rep Challenge.  With just one referral, you get $40 off the already low price.  So, it’s certainly worth signing up, sharing your link on your social networks, and seeing what happens.

Step 5: Rejoice Mightily – Hey, you’re going to be OK.  In fact, you’re going to be better than OK, especially if you get that class ring back for free.  Losing a cherished item like a class ring is a real bummer, but you know what?  There are tons of worse things that can happen.  So, our advice?  Count your blessings.  Put on some music you like.  And dance.

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