Why do I want a class ring because I never had one and I did not graduate from high school. At age 16, I became pregnant and had to get married. I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at age 17. At 21, I got a divorce because of being Incompatible and he committed Adultery. I obtained my G.E.D at age 22 and was employed at various positions. One day, for the first time I was recognized for my skills in Public relations by helping the neighborhood to be a clean and better place to live. I was awarded to attend College in a program for 6 months and completed with honors. And then, I waited until my youngest graduated from high school , I returned to continue my education , I obtained my BA in 2003, MS in 2008 and now a M.Ed. in CounselingPhychology with concentration of Addiction in June 2015. And So… God,my experiences and education makes me the very best that I can Be, age 59.

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My life as a Teen Mom and Wife.

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