I remember my class ring like yesterday it was a nice a ring it was silver and it had a emerald on it i have another ring thats similer like this one but its my middle school ring i miss my old high school ring like crazy i worked so hard to earn this ring i graduated in june 1997 i was inrolled with this high school in september of 1993. Delcastle Techincal High school was like a second home to me i had alot many friends threw the years i did alot of things i study and worked on my studys i wanted to be a good student. my friends in delcastle were like a family to me we use to put chewing gum on the water foutains in my senior year we never got caught me and my friends we were like a abunch of us hang out in Delcastle’s cafertia and there we hang out and act like a cool bunch. if i can can change the world i would make it that there is no more wars and no more voilence and there will be piece all all over so man kind won’t harm each other.

Delcastle Techincal High School life

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