I’m just a casual girl from a casual town but what isn’t casual about me in my personality. My name is Anastasia Parker and I’ve been through my share of rough spots from no parents, foster homes to abusive encounters but does it phase me? No! I work my butt off academically and
try to account to the best thing in life I can. It isn’t just me that’s unique though. My high school is one of the best around!
There’s a DJ/Math teacher who plays music every home game that we have, as well as our culinary serves lunch to our students for $2-$5
every day of the week! Now, my friends and peers are so supportive of what I do in life. I may not have very much of a family
left but they sure are one heck of a group. We have our ups and downs, just like any other.. but at the end of the day we’re one. One crazy, thrilling, unique spanish
family. We’ve had money issues for as long as I can imagine.. I’ve been picked on growing up because I couldn’t afford what others could and I was
ashamed just to walk through the classroom doors wearing used sneakers.. I want a class ring to have something to cherish forever. To have all those
memories packed in a ring. Every time I look at it, I’ll remember all the good times I had in high school and how hard I worked for that diploma!
It’ll remind me that I can do anything that I persue and to follow my dreams! That’s what it’s about, Class of 2015!

A students struggle

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