All right.  We’ve been waiting for months to release our Ring Rep Challenge out into the interwebs, and that day has finally come!  With some help from our excellent friends over at Epipheo, we’re able to lay out the goodness of the Ring Rep Challenge in a minute and a half.

Free class ring?  Check.  $1000s in gift cards?  Check.  Chance to win $10,000?  Check.  Owlcats?  Check and check.

About 9 months ago, while hanging out with a couple of friends, the idea of the Ring Rep Challenge was born.  It’s simple enough.  Class rings are pretty cool, but they are also pretty expensive.  In fact, the cost even kept me from buying one when I was in high school.  Lame.  So, my friends and I asked, “what if there was a way you could get your class ring for free?”.  That’s when we got creative and came up with the Ring Rep Challenge.

It’s simple enough.  Sign up, get a link, share it to the world.  If people use your link to buy their ring (at a $25 discount), then you get a discount on your ring.  Get 5 referrals and you get a free ring!  The idea is not novel.  Maybe you’ve seen Dropbox or Dollar Shave Club or  Men’s Wearhouse do something similar.  We wanted to take that same online-social networking-referral-contest-awesomeness to the class ring market.  No one has ever done it before.  And who doesn’t like blazing a trail, right?

So, I guess it’s our birthday.  Happy birthday to us.  I’m going to go eat some cake.

The Ring Rep Challenge is Born
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