Cheap Class Rings - Wear My Story vs Jostens & Others

If you are looking for a cheap class ring, than be sure to weigh all of your options.  Many students are familiar with Jostens, Herff Jones or Balfour from the sales representatives who sell class rings in their school.  What you may be unaware of is the fact that you can get the same high quality class ring at a more affordable price with

We partner with ArtCarved to bring you the highest quality of workmanship for your class ring.  And, by shopping with us, you can get your ring at a huge discount compared to buying your ring in school.  We offer a low price guarantee on all of our ArtCarved rings.  So, if you find it anywhere on the web cheaper, we will beat that price.  Our prices will beat in school ring sales (Jostens, Herff Jones, etc) as well as all other online retailers of ArtCarved rings (,,  If you have questions about ArtCarved, our quality, our service, our warranty and insurance options, check out our FAQ page.  You'll find out that our rings are manufactured with as much if not more quality and care than any other on the market.   

The selection at is also competitive with Jostens.  We offer dozens of ring styles with unlimited personalization options, including thousands of side designs to choose from.  Below, we've compared a few of our ring styles to those of Jostens.  We also compare prices to other ArtCarved retailers.  Nearly all personalization options are identical for each company.  But trust us, our site is more user friendly when creating your ring.  We've used the other sites.  They'll give you a headache.  You have the option to choose between metal type, metal finish, stone color, stone cut, bezel options (wording around stone), side personalization designs, side engravings, inside personalization, ring size, insurance options and more.  The Siladium metal type from WearMyStory is comparable to the Lustrium option from Jostens.  Each are the jewelers' metal alloy that serve as a non-gold, inexpensive metal option.  


Take a good low below at the tables of pricing comparisons.  You'll be blown away by the HUGE SAVINGS you will receive when you buy from WearMyStory, while still getting the high quality class ring that helps tell your story.  In addition to our normal pricing, we offer coupon codes for extra savings.  And, you can sign up for our Ring Rep Challenge to earn a FREE CLASS RING and even a chance to win $10,000!  

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We'll begin by looking at different ring styles for boys class rings.


1. WearMyStory Elite vs. Jostens' Comparable

  WearMyStory Elite Artcarved

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory - Elite You Save % Savings
Siladium $350.99 $249.95 $101 29%
Silver $487.99 $359.95 $128 26%
10K Gold $823.99 $699.94 $124 15%
14K Gold $1075.99 $1199.95 $~ 0%
18K Gold $1317.99 $1699.95 $~ 0%

The Elite and the Jostens comparable ring are two of the prominent boy's class rings if you are looking for diamonds in your ring.  And if the savings you receive with the Elite without diamond accents weren't enough,  check out the jaw dropping price differences when you add diamond accents to the ring.  For Siladium, Silver and 10K Gold, WearMyStory is saving you around $800 over the same ring at Jostens!!!  This is anywhere from 46% - 61% in savings!  

  Comparable w/ Diamonds Accents Elite w/ Diamond Accents You Save % Savings
Siladium $1,280.99 $499.95 $781 61%
Silver $1,417.99 $609.95 $808 56%
10K Gold $1,753.99 $949.95 $804 46%
14K Gold $2,005.99 $1,449.95 $556 27%
18K Gold $2,247.99 $1,949.95 $298 13%

In this case, we declare the Men's Elite the winner by a landslide for WearMyStory.  Saving hundreds of dollars for virtually the same ring is a no brainer.  Our next comparison is between a more traditional class ring style. 



2. WearMyStory Medalist vs. Jostens' Comparable

WearMyStory ArtCarved Medalist

Clearly, the look of these two rings is again virtually identical.  And, all of the custom options are the same for each ring.  You get to create your unique ring by selecting the metal type, metal finish (antique or natural), stone color, stone cut, bezel (wording around the stone), side designs, side engravings, inside engraving, ring size and insurance options.  Phew!  Quite a list of custom items to design!  So, how do they stack up when it comes to pricing?

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Medalist You Save % Savings
Siladium $230.99 $199.95 $31 13%
Golden Siladium $316.99 $269.95 $47 15%
Silver $377.99 $324.95 $53 14%
10K Gold $703.99 $699.95 $4 1%
14K Gold $955.99 $955.95 $0 0%
18K Gold $1,197.99 $1,197.95 $0 0%

While the pricing evens out with the 14k and 18k rings, WearMyStory beats the Jostens pricing in 10k, Silver and Siladium and Golden Siladium rings with the biggest savings of 15% and over $50 on the Silver ring.  Clearly, with this hugely popular, traditional style of class ring, it pays to go with WearMyStory if you are on a budget and deciding not to get a gold ring.  With the Siladium metal, you are saving anywhere from $30-$50.

If you are shopping this same style ring but with a square stone vs. the oval, the pricing and savings works out to be the same.  This would be the Jostens' Comparable vs. the WearMyStory Triumph.  For price comparisons, simply refer to the Jostens vs. Medalist table.  So, if you are looking for a cheap class ring with a timeless feel, be sure not to pass up WearMyStory's Medalist and Triumph by ArtCarved.

Below, check out the same Medalist ring sold by other online class ring retailers.  You'll notice that with the same exact ArtCarved Medalist ring, you can still save hundreds of dollars with  For other rings below, we will show WearMyStory prices compared to other stores' prices.

Compared to Other ArtCarved Retailers

MEDALIST You Save % Savings
Siladium $229.95 $199.97 $269.10 $199.95 $30 13%
Golden Siladium $289.95 $269.97 $~ $269.95 $20 7%
Silver $369.95 $324.97 $359.10 $324.95 $45 12%
10K Gold $909.95 $699.97 $854.10 $699.95 $210 23%
14K Gold $1,389.95 $955.97 $1,286.10 $955.95 $434 31%
18K Gold $1,979.95 $1,197.97 $230.99 $1,197.95 $782 40%



3. WearMyStory Ovation vs. Jostens' Comparable

WearMyStory Ovation (available in two tone)

Next on the list is a comparison of a ring from Josten's Heritage collection with the Ovation at WearMyStory from ArtCarved's Crestline Series.  These rings offer a bit more of a modern look for high school guys to choose from.  The Lexington is shown above with a two toned metal look.  This is also available with the Ovation.  So, you can design a ring with an all white metal look, all yellow metal, or a combination of the two.

Both the Ovation and the Jostens ring come with diamond accents.  However, the same accents with the Jostens' Comparable are $150 vs. $80 with WearMyStory, a difference of $70 in the diamond accents alone.  Here's a look at the full price comparison. 

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Ovation You Save % Savings
Siladium $273.99 $249.95 $24 9%
Siladium w/ Diamonds $423.99 $329.95 $94 22%
Silver $417.99 $324.95 $93 22%
Silver w/ Diamonds $567.99 $404.95 $163 29%
10K Gold $738.99 $649.95 $89 12%
10K Gold w/ Diamonds $888.99 $729.95 $159 18%
14K Gold $990.99 $899.95 $91 9%
14K Gold w/ Diamonds $1,140.99 $979.95 $161 14%
18K Gold $1,242.99 $1,399.95 $0 0%
18K Gold w/ Diamonds $1,392.99 $1,479.95 $24 9%

Yet again, you are saving significant amounts of money if you go with the WearMyStory option.  With nearly every metal choice, you are saving nearly $100 or more.  And, with the Silver, 10k and 14k with diamond accent rings, you are saving about $160, about 20-30% off!

Compared to Other ArtCarved Retailers

OVATION You Save % Savings
Siladium $279.95 $249.97 $~ $249.95 $30 11%
Silver $369.95 $324.97 $~ $324.95 $45 12%
10K Gold $859.95 $649.97 $~ $649.95 $210 24%
14K Gold $1,299.95 $899.97 $~ $899.95 $400 31%
18K Gold $1,909.95 $1,399.97 $~ $1,399.95 $510 27%


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Now, it's time to compare some of the class rings for girls.



4. WearMyStory Stylist vs. Jostens Comparable

      WearMyStory Stylist

For the first comparison between WearMyStory and Jostens' girls rings, we are looking at the ArtCarved Stylist.  This traditional class ring look is hugely popular among all class ring shoppers for its timelessness.  As with previous rings we have compared, you can notice in the images above that the rings are strikingly similar in design.  Both offer all kinds of design options to make your ring their own.  With similar rings in look and style, it's again time to look at the difference in cost.  

 Looking at the table below, you will notice that the Stylist by ArtCarved is crushing the Jostens' Comparable in price.  If you buy the ArtCarved Stylist ring from WearMyStory, you are saving on average $64 for any metal type.  The minimum you are going to save is $25 wiht the Golden Siladium (or Yellow Lustrium) ring, and you can save up to $110 if you go with the 10 karat gold.  $110 savings!!!  That's a 21% difference in price for virtually the same ring.  

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Stylist You Save % Savings
Siladium $228.99 $199.95 $29 13%
Golden Siladium $294.99 $269.95 $25 9%
Silver $339.99 $299.95 $40 12%
10K Gold $534.99 $424.95 $110 21%
14K Gold $708.99 $599.95 $109 15%
18K Gold $869.99 $799.95 $70 8%

As with previous ring comparisons, if you want to keep some extra money in your wallet, you'd be wise to go with the Stylist from  Here's a look at the Stylist compared to other online retailers. 

Compared to Other ArtCarved Retailers

STYLIST You Save % Savings
Siladium $229.95 $199.97 $224.10 $199.95 $30 13%
Golden Siladium $289.95 $269.97 $~ $269.95 $20 7%
Silver $329.95 $299.97 $314.10 $299.95 $45 9%
10K Gold $539.95 $424.97 $521.10 $424.95 $115 21%
14K Gold $739.95 $599.97 $701.10 $599.95 $140 19%
18K Gold $999.95 $799.97 $~ $799.95 $200 20%



5. WearMyStory Petite vs. Jostens' Comparable

    WearMyStory Petite

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Petite You Save % Savings
Siladium $209.99 $199.95 $10 5%
Golden Siladium $289.99 $269.95 $20 7%
Silver $304.99 $279.95 $25 8%
10K Gold $529.99 $399.95 $130 25%
14K Gold $703.99 $499.95 $204 29%
18K Gold $864.99 $649.95 $215 25%

The Petite is essentially a more slender versions of the Stylist class rings.  Again, it is a hugely popular choices by our customers because of their classic look.  The choices between these two rings are yet again nearly identical, but the price comparisons are jaw dropping.  If you are a girl looking to get a gold class ring, then you HAVE to consider the Petite from  Among the gold options, the average savings are $183, anywhere from 25-29% off!!!  And even if you do not want gold, the Petite prices are still beating the Delicate prices, saving you money.  

Compared to Other ArtCarved Retailers

PETITE You Save % Savings
Siladium $229.95 $199.97 $206.10 $199.95 $30 13%
Golden Siladium $289.95 $269.97 $~ $269.95 $20 7%
Silver $309.95 $279.97 $296.10 $279.95 $30 10%
10K Gold $459.95 $399.97 $431.10 $399.95 $60 13%
14K Gold $609.95 $499.97 $566.10 $499.95 $110 18%
18K Gold $779.95 $649.97 $~ $649.95 $130 17%


6. WearMyStory Heartstrings vs. Jostens' Comparable

WearMyStory Heartstrings

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Heartstrings You Save % Savings
Siladium $221.99 $199.95 $22 10%
Silver $299.99 $274.95 $25 9%
10K Gold $489.99 $349.95 $140 29%
14K Gold $663.99 $399.95 $264 40%
18K Gold $839.99 $499.95 $340 40%

Now, let's take a look at ArtCarved's Heartstrings from  Of all the rings we are comparing between ArtCarved and Jostens, these two may have the largest difference in terms of their design.  Both of these rings are more fashion class rings for girls, with trendy designs.  The Jostens' Comparable offers more of a floral design around the band.  With the Heartstrings, the design is a heart shap cut into each side of the band.  One other difference is that Jostens offers thise ring in dual metal tones and the Heartstrings only comes in one type of metal.  

However, when you start to dig into the pricing of each, the affordability of the Heartstrings might have you thinking twice about not having dual metal types.  At the Siladium and Silver level, you are saving $22 and $25 with  But, once you step into the gold levels, you are saving some MAJOR money.  You can save anywhere from 29% - 40% on gold rings.  With 10k, you are saving $140.  With, 14k, you can save $264, and with 18k, you can saving an amazing $340 over basically the same ring at Jostens!  To be able to get an 18k gold class ring for under $500 is an incredibly affordable price for a class ring.  Again, if you are looking for girls rings with more of a fashion design and in gold, you will get rings that are majorly discounted over Jostens rings at



7. WearMyStory Seaswirl vs. Jostens' Comparable

WearMyStory Seaswirl


  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Seaswirl You Save % Savings
Siladium $249.99 $199.95 $50 20%
Siladium w/ Diamonds $351.99 $249.95 $102 29%
Silver $329.99 $274.95 $55 17%
Silver w/ Diamonds $431.99 $324.95 $107 25%
10K Gold $519.99 $374.95 $145 28%
10K Gold w/ Diamonds $621.99 $424.95 $197 32%
14K Gold $693.99 $474.95 $219 32%
14K Gold w/ Diamonds $795.99 $524.95 $271 34%
18K Gold $844.99 $649.95 $195 23%
18K Gold w/ Diamonds $946.99 $699.95 $247 26%

Whereas the Jostens' Comparable and the Heartstrings had some differences in design, the Seaswirl and its Jostens alternative are virtually identical.  The only real difference is that the Seaswirl from WearMyStory gives you 3 diamond accents instead of two.  Remarkably, you save 50% on the diamond accent upgrade with the Seaswirl.  It costs $102 for diamond accents with Jostens and only $50 with WearMyStory. 

Across the board, the Seaswirl may offer the most savings of any of the rings we have compared.  Among the different price options without diamonds, you save an average of $111 by choosing the Seaswirl!  And if you do choose the diamond accent upgrade, you save an average of $154!!!  With any metal type you choose, you are saving from 17% - 34%.  Again, this is pretty much a no brainer on where to shop for this ring.  The prices at WearMyStory destroy Jostens prices. 

Compared to Other ArtCarved Retailers

Seaswirl You Save % Savings
Siladium $199.95 $199.97 $206.10 $199.95 $6 3%
Silver $319.95 $279.97 $386.10 $274.95 $111 29%
10K Gold $449.95 $374.97 $476.10 $374.95 $102 21%
14K Gold $589.95 $474.97 $~ $474.95 $115 20%
18K Gold $759.95 $649.97 $~ $649.95 $110 14%



8. WearMyStory Accolade vs. Jostens' Comparable

WearMyStory Accolade

  Jostens' Comparable WearMyStory Accolade You Save % Savings
Siladium $266.99 $249.95 $17 6%
Silver $379.99 $324.95 $55 14%
10K Gold $579.99 $479.95 $100 17%
14K Gold $753.99 $599.95 $154 20%
18K Gold $914.99 $799.95 $115 13%

The final two rings we are comparing are the Jostens' Alternative and the WearMyStory Accolade. Once again, the look and style of these two rings is very similar. Jostens does offer dual tone options and WearMyStory does not. The other slight difference is that the Jostens ring offers outside initial personalization. 

Now, let's take a look at our final price comparison. With the Accolade, you are saving anywhere from $17 - $154 vs the Jostens alternative. Again, the greatest savings come the different gold options, saving upwards to 20% over the Jostens ring. But, even with the less expensive Siladium and Silver options, there are solid savings to be had, including $55 with the Silver metal selection. Once again, WearMyStory makes offers an comparable ring to Jostens and the prices are far better when buying online from



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