My story

My name is Zekai, and I am a student of Milford High School. I am competing in the Ring Rep Challenge because this is my first little step of my joirn

My life

Hello, my name’s James, and this is my story. I’m 15 years old and live in northern California. I go to Oak Ridge High School and get fairly good

Life as Teen age mother in high school

my names Barbara my family has moved around all my life but when i hit high school every thing turned around. i joined band ,art and i meet a boy and

A students struggle

I’m just a casual girl from a casual town but what isn’t casual about me in my personality. My name is Anastasia Parker and I’ve been through my sh

just another kid in school

hello. my name is Jamison Dietz. I am a sophomore at fort zumwalt west high school. I am 16 years old and defiantly different from other people. my jo

Miss Scott High School Speaks

Yes, it’s true. A few years back, I was elected Miss Scott High School by my peers. What does that mean, you ask? Well, I assumed it meant others

Soccer or God?

At Conner High School in Hebron, KY my story revolved around boys, friends, soccer, grades, and God (in that order). As a senior in high school I got

Wear My Story’s … Story

Baseball Player. Straight “A” Student. Party Hoster. Class Treasurer. Young Lifer. Golfer. Prep. Show Choir Star (ha!). Hopeless Romantic.