My name is Natalie. I live in Valley, Al. All of my life this is my home town I was grew up knowing. I have my family n friends,n my church a well. So I would like to take a moment if I may. And I’ll let know why I would like to have a class ring so bad. I didn’t finished school I dropped out in my Junior year of school because I was pregnant when I was going to school. So after a while I just quit school to have my son. And I can my son is 18years old right now. So that this is why I would say my son is my class ring. But if u find it in ur hearts to bless me with a class ring. God Bless U All so very much. But if not that’s just fine I have a 18 years old son n a 10year old daughter as well. So if u find it in ur hearts to send me a class ring. Thank u for letting me have this time to type. My address is 30 B Boyd Circle Valley, All.36854 Plz. Find in ur hearts to mail mea class ring. Thank you so very much. And MAY GOD BLESS U N U ALL’S FAMILY AS WELL.P.S. I’m in college right now.

Why would I like a class ring?

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