My name is Frank B. Ellis III. I am artistic. My artistic talent is sometimes used mainly reserved to computer art. Despite my occasional spelling errors, I can also at times be a good writer. This collection of pictures tells a story about moving from New Jersey to Texas. Basically This “story” reflects that I wasn’t enthusiastic about how my parents and I moved from New Jersey, since a lot of “memorabilia” that I had collected over the years were discarded in one way or another. Sometimes I’ve done artistic projects related to Star Wars. This story might be called the “Dark Side of Moving to Texas.” The description of the pictures isn’t in any particular order yet I’ve attempted to explain most of them in order to tell what’s happening in my story. The bits and pieces of the pictures from Star Wars characters are from the internet, then I added my own variation of Star Wars scenes by mixing the Star wars charterers with other pictures of objects that I found on the internet. I also found three Family Coat of Arms arms crests, which when put together is my name- Frank Browning Ellis. The suffix, III is not a family crest “name,” hence there is nothing after the name Ellis (in the picture). Since I’m able to upload five pictures, the main picture will be a collection of pictures which may be hard to see the details. The subsequent pictures will be at least a forth of the main picture in order for the main picture’s artwork details to be examined or observed more easily. I’ve enjoyed being able to do a project such as this one.
The big steam shovel (bulldozer) with Senator Palpatine as the driver. Some of the items that we had to get rid of were bottles of old water so instead of just dumping the water down the drain, most of the water or at least some of the water I took outside to water some plants.
The blurred helicopter resembles how confusing it seemed to be as the “whirlwind” raged toward the Texas home. One thing that was thrown out in the whirlwind was a plush jingle bell duck that quacked to the tune of Jingle Bells.
The tiny ambulance in the cloud next to Darth Vader in the helicopter. The December before the move, I was sick part of the time, and as a “consequence,” I wasn’t really aware of how I wanted to explain to my parents how I wanted to explain my plan of preparing to move, in order to get a positive response from my parents. In Episode III of Star Wars Anakin Skywalker is injured in his process of being transformed into Darth Vader. I felt like my scenario was similar to what happened to Anakin Skywalker.
The Darth Vader helmet & crossed light-sabers are to “replace” the skull and crossbones of a pirate ship. During the process of moving, and even today I have wondered if I had packed certain items before moving, or if the items that I haven’t seen in a while were left behind.
The bus with Darth Vader looking at Luke Skywalker & Emperor Palpatine. In chaotic times I’ve been confused, and didn’t know what to do. When the Process of De-junking was introduced, I either had to watch/hear/see things that I liked be thrown (or given) away, or leave and go somewhere else. A few years earlier I had attempted to tell “how”, I might be able to get organized in life, and set some goals, yet that was somehow ignored or overlooked. Later on, I was confronted with chaos in the CTR Class at Church. At that time, I felt confused as well. Comparing the two situations, I don’t know which was worse, since it seemed too confusing to decide which one was worse.
The car with Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine Sometimes I’ve considered getting a driver’s license, yet throughout the previous years and (even now) I’ve felt uneasy about the possibility. By considering getting a driver’s license means that I either thought of it “on my own” or I was asked if I wanted to get a driver’s license. Either way I haven’t felt ready to get a driver’s license/
Three windows of the last train car. Senator Palpatine, Senator Palpatine peering around a corner, and Emperor Palpatine.At first before the move, when it was just an idea, I wasn’t dismayed. Yet as the “idea” for the move progressed, I felt differently
Darth Vader in the helicopter, plane & on a motorcycle I used any opportunity to get out of the house, away from housework, even though I would only end up coming back to the atmosphere of housework upon returning home. Usually I didn’t care what time of day it was, If I wanted to get out of the house to escape the chaos in regards to the move, then I got out of the house to go somewhere.
Small Picture Of City Bus This is somehow a representation of a dumpster.
Han Solo Fridge Picture Unfortunately I’ve felt like Han Solo when he was frozen in carbinite and not able to do anything, except somehow survive during the move (and the past sixteen years).
Person’s face surrounded by lettuce leaves. I think about food a lot.
Millennium Falcon on a car inside of a garage.Even though the “atmosphere+” of the Westfield house was left in Westfield, New Jersey , I still that the stresses from that house have been transferred to the Texas home. After so many years of claiming to move, I moved. Yet in some ways it still feels like I haven’t moved.
Emperor Palpatine saying, “Good, good. Let your lack of motivation flow through you.” (Inside the steamroller.) I was confused as how to explain what I really wanted to do instead of throwing everything away, yet somehow I felt it was too late to do anything that I originally wanted to do.
The bowling picture 142 My highest recorded bowling score before the “decline” and the move, or the decision to move. The date was November eleventh 2014. I’ve had basically no enthusiasm for bowling since the time that the purging began. I put Darth Vader with the awkward looking steam shovel. In preparation for the move, I attempted to pick out items that I wanted to keep. Yet of all of the items that I picked out that I wanted to keep, I was only able to keep a very small fraction of.
Caricature with Darth Vader mask and Myself “Wearing” the Mask. I was able to get a caricature of myself done by an artist who did caricatures at Sunrise Senior Living of Westfield, New Jersey. I put the mask of Darth Vader on in place of where my face would be in both the caricature, and the picture of me holding the caricature.
Erupting Volcano- There seemed to be a burst of force pushing us toward Texas.
Barney Fife & King Tut costume as cake topper.- I had a picture taken of my King Tut costume which was done around October 31, 2014. I found a picture of Barney Fife (Don Knotts) in a stormtooper outfit, this picture I combined with my King Tut picture and used the two pictures as a cupcake topper, candle holders.
Small picture of Stormtrooper with sign. I ended up trading most of my U.S. coins for food in one way or another. (I still have fragments of my United States based currency.) I didn’t make a sign in order to trade coins for food, I just did it. The sign itself is a variation of the sign found online. I cut the stormtrooper with the sign out of the original picture.
Imperial Walker -The top right corner of the page. I wanted to include this picture since I spent a little over ten years volunteering at Sunrise Senior Living in Westfield, New Jersey. Sometimes I had mentioned or talked about Star Wars Characters or scenarios such as someone saying, “May the force be with You.”
Austin Institute of Religion On May Seventh 2016, I graduated from the Institute Of Religion program of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. The announcement for graduation came as a surprise to me since I wasn’t thinking about it. Amid not knowing what to expect (after moving) with the excitement over the new house, Institute graduation was one of the best things that happened to me since the move. When I found out that I was to graduate from the Institute Of Religion course, it reminded me of Seminary then High School graduation. Seminary is another scripture study course taught by members of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints for high school aged students.
This is my story of moving from New Jersey to Texas. In one way it was sad, and in another way it was and still is confusing. The reason why it is confusing is that I don’t quite know what to do yet from day to day. This project took at least a few months, since I was doing artwork and detailing the narration behind the artwork. I also took plenty of time to consider how the artwork would be displayed, and which pieces of artwork that I was going to display. If I won a ring, it would be an interesting way to “celebrate” getting my Institute Of Religion Diploma. Yet this experience in itself of participating in this contest, has been very exciting.

The Move From Westfield New Jersey To Texas… With An Adventure In Art.

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