At Conner High School in Hebron, KY my story revolved around boys, friends, soccer, grades, and God (in that order). As a senior in high school I got a full ride to Florida State on a soccer scholarship and I thought my story was written and done. God had different plans.

I chose to do Work Crew at a Young Life camp in New York the summer after my senior year of high school. This is where God changed my story. God changed my life here, and set me on a new path of loving Him and others. I chose to make him the Lord of my life, and that playing soccer was no longer going to be the end all be all of my story.

I went back home to Kentucky, turned down my soccer scholarship, and started my new life as a Young Life leader at Dixie Heights High School. I met my husband Tom in new leader training, and we got married in 2006. I moved to Ohio to lead Young Life with him at Amelia High School. During those years, I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Kentucky University and my husband earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s degree from The College of Mt. St. Joseph. The both of us led Young Life for a total of 7 years before God decided to change our story once again.

In 2010 Tom and I were hired to be Stephenie Meyer’s (author of the Twilight book series) kid’s home school teachers. We traveled around with their family while the Breaking Dawn movie was filmed (Stephenie was a producer on the film so she needed to be present for the filming and wanted to bring her family with her). We met lots of interesting people and visited lots of unforgettable places. God had definitely written an interesting chapter in our story through this experience.

When my husband and I returned home from that job, we moved onto a street called Pinewell Drive in Cincinnati, OH. Our lives have changed completely since we moved here. We live right down the road from some of our best friends, which makes living here such a joy! We’ve also had a baby girl since we moved here, and God is constantly teaching us new things through being her parents. We are establishing our family here to love God and love others. We have a passion for teaching/training other Christians and sharing the Gospel with those who haven’t been transformed by it yet. We have loved being a part of God’s story! I’m so glad that I chose to follow God’s story for my life instead of soccer’s.

Soccer or God?

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