Hello, my name’s James, and this is my story. I’m 15 years old and live in northern California. I go to Oak Ridge High School and get fairly good grades. I didn’t always though. Before high school, I was the school idiot with anger problems. In high school though, everything changed. Before I get to that, here’s some background information. I was diagnosed with severe ADHD in 5th grade. Now I know what you’re thinking, how everybody says they have ADHD but they’re all just saying that because somehow, ADHD became a joke. But mine was different, and very severe. So I started to take medication for it. I tried many types of medicine in 5th grade, and it took a while to find one that works. The last one I took before I found my current medication did work, but made me sick. My teacher wasn’t very happy with me already, always goofing off and not paying attention, but he really started to despise me when I started throwing up and having to leave school early. And it didn’t help that the first time I said I felt like I was going to throw up, he accused me of lying, and made me sit down again. When I confronted him the second time, he told me to shut up and sit down, just in time for me to throw up all over his arm and shoes. Then my doctor decided that he had to try a different kind of medicine not recommended for children. It is a controlled substance, so they didn’t want it used on children, but we tried it anyway, and it worked great. My ADHD got more severe through middle school, and he had to up the dosage a few times. It has steadied out over the last few years, and I’m currently taking the highest legal dosage. But I still didn’t care about school and still had bad grades until right before high school. In 8th grade, my mom had a meeting with all my teachers about halfway through the school year, around halfway through the second trimester, and they decided that we needed to talk. So, we had a conference, all my teachers, my mom, and me. It hit me hard, as they talked about my future and how if I continued on this path, I would end up doing nothing with my life. So I shaped up. The first trimester I had all D’s and F’s. Then in the second, after the conference,I had high D’s and C’s. In the third, I got all B’s. Now,I get all A’s and B’s, and life’s getting better. I’m a star student, and on my midterms this year, my lowest score was an 86%. I’m looking into becoming a physical therapist, because I’ve always liked biology and helping people. I’ve already got plans for college, and my future looks great.

My life

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