Hi, my name is Jacob Casey and I’m currently a senior at Gardner Edgerton High School. Ever since my freshmen year I have wanted a class ring of my own, but I always pushed it off because I knew I was going to be involved with so many things in high school and make so many memories, I didn’t want to o ahead and order one a set my passions in stone… literally! However, come my Junior year I was in 8 different clubs (Prom Committee, NHS, Student Council, Improv, Theatre, Natural Helpers, Interact and DECA) and I had been in all the plays and I even did track and a talent show along the way. I had so many passions and who I was was finally starting to come to me, I finally got a sense of my true self. However, at the beginning of my Junior year I also got a chance to go to Washington DC for a leadership Conference. I instantly jumped at the opportunity and put every dollar I had and asked all my family for as much support as I could and finally succeeded in making my goal of $2,500 to go. This trip was amazing but so expensive, I didn’t even want to think about asking my parents to buy me a class ring, so once again I pushed it off. Now I am a senior and I have loved High School for every minute I’ve been there! I am currently the President of our theatre department, Vice President of Natural Helpers, and DECA, the Treasure for Student council and I’m also on the board for two other clubs. Along of all of these clubs I’m in, I was also picked as the Junior Class Prom Prince at Prom last year. It was at that moment that I knew I had done everything I’ve ever wanted to do in high school. My bucket list was complete and I was happy, I had countless friends, I was involved in everything, never stopping. I know now that I need a class ring to help me keep all these memories near and dear to my heart, but there is one problem. As I enrolled in classes this year, I had the chance to sign up for many college classes, which I did. I am now faced with having to pay tuition for these classes and in turn, racking up quite a bill. Now I am again in a financial pinch for buying a class ring, but I desperately want one. To help me remember all the fun I had and the love I felt in high school. Thank you for reading all of this and please, help me get the class ring I’ve always wanted!

Making the Most Out of High School

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